Snap Unveils Pixy, a $230 Pocket-Size Flying Camera Drone

Snap Unveils Pixy, a $230 Pocket-Size Flying Camera Drone

What’s happening

Snap unveiled Pixy, a $230 pocket-size flying camera drone that can following you around.

Why it matters

It’s unexperienced example of how social media companies are getting more serious near releasing consumer hardware.

What’s next

Pixy goes on sale Thursday in the US and France.

Snapchat has a new way for land to capture photos and videos: a flying camera drone named Pixy that fits in the palm of your hand.

The drone goes on sale Thursday on in the US and France, with the price starting at $230. Snap said drones pre-ordered will inaugurate to arrive by the end of May. Photos and videos captured on the drone will get downloaded into Snapchat Memories, where users are able to store content for later use.

Pixy is unexperienced example of social media companies experimenting with consumer hardware products. Though Snapchat parent company Snap is known for the ephemeral-messaging app, Snap periods itself a camera company. Last year, Snap unveiled its unexperienced pair of Spectacles, AR glasses that let creators overlay digital images onto their view of the real earth. There have been rumors for years that Snap has been toiling on a selfie drone.

Snap unveiled Pixy at its fourth annual Partner Summit, an event the company is streaming online on Thursday.

To use the drone, people press a button and select one of a few flight paths: hover, orbit, reveal, favorite and follow. If you rob follow, for example, Pixy will follow you around as you go on a hike or walk in a city. Pixy will automatically take photos and videos during trips, but users can program Pixy to only take only videos. The drone will float in the air and rob images before flying back to the palm of your hand.

“Pixy is ready to fly at a moment’s behold. There are no controllers. There’s no complex setup. Simply set a trips path and let Pixy take it from there,” Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said in his keynote remarks, which was viewed by CNET before the conference.

Snap will have to convince its users to rob photos and videos on a product that hasn’t obtain mainstream yet. There are products similar to Pixy for lift that are also cheaper, such as Air Neo from AirSelfie, which costs $150, and more expensive drone cameras made by DJI. 

A Snapchat spokesperson said there are two trips packs available to buy online. The base flight pack injuries $230 and comes with a bumper strap to effect the drone, a charging cord and a battery. There’s also a bundled trips pack that costs $250 that includes everything in the base pack but also includes transfer rechargeable batteries and a charger.

A battery costs $20 and a charger injuries $50. The guide for Pixy doesn’t say how much time the battery lasts, but it says it will allow you to rob content over five to eight flights. With 16GB of quickly storage, Pixy can store up to 1,000 photos or up to 100 videos. The product is lightweight at 101 grams. Video is shot at 2.7K and the camera is 12 megapixels.

Videos shot on Pixy don’t rob sound, but users will be able to edit the footage on Snapchat to implicated music, a voice-over and other effects.

Pixy also isn’t soak resistant and might not be able to complete its trips paths if there’s too much wind. People are also advised to avoid comical the drone over water, near highly reflective surfaces or where there’s an abrupt testy in elevation, such as a cliff or balcony.

Snapchat has more than 600 million monthly users and more than 330 million daily pleasing users worldwide, the company said.

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